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Straitline Silent Guide Bashring Saint M810/5 ISCG/ISCG05 36-40TStraitline Silent Replacement Guides - Black

Straitline Silent Guide ISCG05 36-40T
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Straitline Silent Guide ISCG05 36-40T

Τιμή: €65.00
Retail Price: €125.81
Κερδίζετε: €60.81

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Straitline Chainguides are the product of several years of effort. We designed this chainguide to be extremely light, rugged and maintenance free! Our guides are virtually silent due to our proprietary elastomeric guides. You will forget you are even using chainguide!

Available in both ISCG and ISCG'05 vesions
Available in 32-36t or 36-40t versions
32-36t - 176grams   36-40t - 205grams (weight includes bashring and hardware)
100% CNC machined from solid 7075 T6 aluminium

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Your Price: €65.00
Retail Price: €125.81
Κερδίζετε: €60.81

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