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ODI X-Treme Lock-On 130mm Replacement GraphiteONEBALL Bike Citrus Degreaser 8oz squeeze bottle

ONEBALL Bike Citrus Degreaser 8oz for spray use
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ONEBALL Bike Citrus Degreaser 8oz for spray use

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Citrus oil formula with 20 years of use. Nothing comes close to cleaning like this degreaser does.

Use: Cleaning metal parts, removing sticky residue of most anything, removing adhesives.
Apply: Apply to parts with rag to clean, wipe off excess.
Size: 8oz.

Tackle tough grease and grime with One Ball's Bike Degreaser.

Harnessing the cleaning power of citrus oil, One Ball has been making this degreaser using their own formula for over 20 years. Tough enough to cut through the worst built up grease, dirt, and grime, when properly mixed with a little elbow grease, it will have metal parts looking new again. As an added bonus, the citrus formula will leave your bike smelling like oranges. Great for sticker and adhesive removal too.

One Ball's Bike Degreaser is available in a 8oz spray bottle.

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