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Straitline AMP Stem - 50mm BlueStraitline AMP Stem - 50mm Racing Green

Straitline AMP Stem  - 50mm Orange
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Straitline AMP Stem - 50mm Orange

Τιμή: €90.00
Retail Price: €110.89
Κερδίζετε: €20.89

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The Straitline AMP stems are designed to be light-weight yet rugged enough for the most demanding freeride applications.

"The AMP uses a fully closed, shaped edge for strength and clearance in the corners"

Straitline AMP Stem 2013 Features:

  • Designed to be lightweight yet rugged. Comes with a custom-engraved removable top cap
  • CNC-machined in British Columbia, Canada
  • Stem Length: 90/70/50 mm
  • 175/160/140g (90/70/50mm)
  • Available in: Red, Orange, Racing Green, Blue, Ti-Grey, & Black

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Your Price: €90.00
Retail Price: €110.89
Κερδίζετε: €20.89

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